I finally arrived here on Tuesday about 3:00pm. I first wondered why anyone would want to vacation in such a hot place in the middle of nowhere surrounded only by wrinkled up dry, barren mountains. After asking a tour bus driver, why people  come here, I was reminded that for some people who fly into Los Angeles (or anywhere in California) and want to travel to Vegas then going through the hottest, driest, and lowest point in America is just on their way.

While signing all the new paperwork in HR, I realized that I would be working  at the Inn. The Inn was that mystical “diamond-the-rough” that i passed about 2 minutes ago, up around the corner and half hidden by palm trees. It just looks so fancy and out of place being stuck here  in the desert.


This is more like what my first glimpse of the Inn was. Just rocks & dirt spread out for miles around it, with some mountains wrinkled up behind it.



Sorry K.M., those are not my photos. I have not been up the hill to the Inn yet to get my own pics, so I snagged these off the internet.  Obviously whoever took the bottom 2 pics had to be closer then I was at the main highway.

Got my dorm room, which happens to be passed the Inn. So my dorm is secluded away from the main area of Furnace Creek, but they have a shuttle that comes every half hour.
Just my luck, I got confused about the shuttle schedule today and ended up being 6 minutes late for my 1st day of work in the general store. The Inn doesn’t open until the 9th so I am doing my training in the general store.

Today my manager was going to start figuring out everyone’s work schedule for next week and asked if I preferred mornings or nights. As long as I don’t have to close 1 night and open the next morning  then I don’t really care. She also asked me if I was full-time (meaning all year) or if I was just seasonal  (meaning that I would be leaving next May). See full time workers get benefits like dental insurance quicker and there is a better chance of getting housing by yourself (instead of a shared dorm room). There was also mention of a lead position coming up (which also gets you single-status housing faster and for less rent).

Now while I was at the canyon, none of the managers that I had, would ever consider giving me a lead position, so I will try not to get my hopes up to high here either. But for once it would be nice to have a boss think I was valued enough and worthy of the promotion for a lead job, and not just stuck in some entry-level job that any jr.high kid could do. It used to get frustrating to train some new person starting in the cafes and watch them get promotions or watch them go get new jobs that managers would never even consider me for.

But I guess life has a way of working itself out, because after getting turned down from 1 job interview and then getting ticked off at 1 of my managers within the same week…I probably wouldn’t have spontaneously bought my plane ticket to Alaska years ago, and which would have never lead me to try other locations including Death Valley, where I am now.