First week at Death Valley

Not really sure what I expected here. I knew it would be hotter then hell and I knew the location was in the middle of nowhere. I can deal with both of those things. There are some things here that I am having a hard time dealing with and I haven’t figured out how to put them into words here.

So instead I will just post a few pictures that I took of clouds on the mountain after our rare rain storm. Tourists were disappointed because most of the roads were blocked off (washed out) after mother nature gave me a treat.


The white building used to be a laundry facilty but it burnt last December 2014. The red jeeps can be rented, but I forget what it costs for a day. I know my roomie says gas cost $4.85/gallon.


I was waiting for the shuttle to take me back to the dorm when I got this shot. The shuttle stop is right behind the hotel (yellowish building in pic). The shuttle only runs twice an hour. 15 & 45 minutes past every hour, starting at 6:45am. When I work the morning shift, I have to call the “fire & safety” people around 6 am so they can make a special trip up to my dorm to bring me to work. Starting tomorrow I will be working the night shift.


The white van is the shuttle. It was leaving my dorm yesterday morning, heading back to the hotel. As you can see there is nothing around my dorm except rocks and a great view of clouds. When I take that shuttle the driver has to hand me a step stool to get into it, then they have to get out of the drivers seat to walk around and pick up the stool. I am sure the driver’s must hate seeing me at the shuttle stop.

Seeing as it gets to hot for me about 9am, I probably won’t be going down much for lunch or dinner on my days off. Breakfast has been good so far with a big buffet. Lunch & Dinner has only a few options to eat…alot less then Mt Rushmore had. Hopefully my roomie drives the hour to Pahrump,NV, later today so I can go to the super Walmart. Actually I would rather work at that Walmart then here in Furnace Creek…but that’s a story I will save for later.


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