Yesterday’s trip to Pahrump, NV

My roomie, Kim, was nice enough to take me to Pahrump yesterday afternoon. The longest drive I have had with her. Luckily she can talk alot if I only ask a few questions. It helped pass the time away seeing as Pahrump is an hour away. It’s where you will find the closest Walmart and satisfy our hunger for Subway and Taco Bell and Panda Express. Gas in Pahrump cost $2.29 & it cost $4.85 here in Death Valley.


That’s my roomie, Kim. She got here and couple days before I did, so she was showing me around on my first morning here. She sorta laughed when I started taking pics of every single thing here saying stuff like “wow, this place must be special cuz you are making it seem that way. Now why didn’t I see that before”? So I decided to get pics of her too.

She worked at Yellowstone most of the Summer and was on her way home to Florida, where she has some family, her own business and her own home complete with a mortgage…so why she literally turned around in the highway to come to Death Valley is beyond me. She says it’s a challenge for her spiritual growth.

Anyways, on our way to Pahrump yesterday, I was surprised to see snow on top of 1 mountain. So I got a picture with my tablet while Kim went into a store. I need to remember to charge my camera battery so I can  bring my digital camera with the zoom lens whenever I go anywhere.



As you can see from Kim’s truck, she must have driven through quite a few dirt roads.
Kim had to take a pit-stop on the way back to the dorms (actually this pit-stop wasn’t  very far from our dorm) I got pics trying to show the barren remote area that we are in.
If We have the same day off again, I hope we get to leave earlier in the day because I want to get pictures of Zabriskie Point and I don’t wanna walk up or down that little hill after 9am.

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