If it wasn’t so darn hot during the daytime, then it would be quite relaxing to sit outside in front of my general store.
Yesterday was my first closing shift at work, and about 11:00pm when I left work, it was 86 degrees outside.

I clock into work at 1:30, have my first 1/2hour break at 3:00pm and my 1/2 hour dinner break at 6:30pm. Yes, we have to clock out for both 1/2 hour breaks. But from 7PM-11PM I have no break, unless you want to count the time I pull my cash drawer to go sit in the back and count all my money and do paperwork…which took me an hour last night. When I was at
Mt Rushmore, the closing out procedure took 15 minutes at the most. That hour last night was my fastest time here, so far, which is still ridiculously slow.

Breakfast and lunch is free here, but seeing as I skipped lunch yesterday I decided to pay the $4 for dinner.  I got 1 small pork chop, scoop of mashed potatoes,  a serving of corn and a few strawberries. It seemed like a smaller meal then our free lunches. It definitely is smaller then the meals I got at Mt Rushmore. By the looks I won’t be making it down for lunch before work today either. I have not checked my blood sugar levels since I got here, and I am sure that my stash of Budweiser &
Pringles that’s in my dorm isn’t doing me any good.