Rainy Days

I snagged some of my roomie’s pictures that she posted on facebook, of the last rain storm. These were all taken near the Inn, which is down the driveway from our dorm.




The weather forecast is predicting more rain Wednesday evening and maybe Thursday. I have Wednesday off, so I will get to enjoy all the amazing clouds that accompany the storms. But Thursday I have to work a morning shift…it will be interesting to see if I can get to work on time. I am glad it’s my only morning shift all week.

I never imagined a place like Death Valley got rain like this. I can’t wait to see what the flowers will look like in the Springtime. Even from the last rain, it helped turn some little sage brush along the road greener. Even the little birds seem to enjoy it. Every evening during my dinner break, I walk over to the cooks break area and there is always a few small birds walking through a puddle and dipping the side of their head in the water.


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