This is Kim. She arrived in Death Valley a day before I did. She is working as a bartender/ line cook down at the golf course 3 days a week and also as a bartender/ busser twice a week at the saloon. She is finally feeling “settled” here and said this morning that it’s starting to feel like home, even though her home is in Florida. Boy oh boy does she have stories to tell. I have gone to Pahrump, NV,  with her twice since being here and she tells stories about her life while driving the whole hour ride getting there.


This is Katie, and she got here a week ago. She is a retired English teacher from California. 58 years old and such a hoot. She cracks me up. I swear she is transplanted here from the 60’s. She doesn’t spend a lot of time in the room instead spends most of her free time with her dog. Your not really supposed to have pets in the dorm so today on her day off,  she has gone to see if she can borrow money to buy a trailer. Then Katie & her dog will move into that.

Last night when I  got home from work there was a new young girl named Joanna sleeping in the room. Joanna & Kim had both worked at Yellowstone National Park during the Summer. or why did the housing office stick a 4th person in the room when there is only 3 beds. Sure maybe Katie wasn’t really using a bed because she has been sleeping in her truck with her dog but most of her stuff is in the room. Now we have 4 people’s stuff in here and it’s starting to feel cramped.

I have no idea what Joanna’s work schedule will be like, but we might need to make a schedule for the 1 shower that the 4 of us have to share. Today Joanna has orientation, Kim is at a meeting and then will play golf later, as I mentioned earlier it’s Katie’s weekend so she is gone, and I am doing laundry now. I have to be at work from 1:30-11 today…and today is payday but hopefully I remember to post about that tomorrow.

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