Just realizing that at this time last year I was packing up to leave my job & home in the Grand Canyon National Park. Since then I stayed with a friend in Vegas, then went to South Dakota and now I am living & working in Death Valley National Park. Wow, 4 homes in 4 different states all within a years time.

My newest roomie, Joanna, has already moved on…this national park just was not for her. Kim has also made comments about moving to North Carolina. I hope Kim stays, but really doubt she will last till the end of this Winter Season. I wonder why they have a Winter season end on May 11th. By May, it will feel like a sauna here and I am not sure I will stay for the Summer season.


Today I am on my weekend, so I get to watch Netflix.
1. Ragamuffin
2. Redwood Highway
3. More Than Chance
4. Craigslist joe
5. The Forgotten  (got interrupted when I tried watching this earlier in the week)

Maybe I will get to read some of the new yoga books I downloaded onto my tablet this week. Kim & Joanna both liked doing yoga. Doctors had given me yoga exercises to do for my scoliosis when I was in Jr High, but I never did them as often as I should.

Tonight (or tomorrow morning) Kim will be driving to Pahrump again. She has had a craving for Taco Bell. So I will go buy some moisturizer ( can’t believe how dry & itchy my skin is lately), and my essentials…coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, & chocolate protein powder.