Something Needs to Change


The picture with longer hair was taken yesterday. The shorter hair picture was exactly 1 year ago, wearing the same shirt. Besides the length of hair, I look the same in my opinion. I found a couple short pixie hairstyles I would like to try. I also miss the reddish/auburn color.

I don’t own bathroom scales anymore but I probably weigh a bit more now. I have had to get bigger pants. One cashier noticed the size tags on clothes I bought last month and thought I got them to big. I had to chuckle as I told her thanks but I can’t get my fat ass into anything smaller. I would love to buy smaller pants but I also like buying to much junk food.

I wasn’t able to shop in Pahrump this last week with my roomie, Kim, because she ended up driving a friend to a hospital in St. George, UT for surgery. She ended up being gone 2.5 days. Now 1 of us will have to pick the friend up sometime this next week. I have 3 days off Wednesday -Friday, so I might be the 1 driving to Utah. I have never driven that far, so that will be something new. You better believe that my camera is ready now. The little road trip sounds better then sitting in my dorm for 3 days, with nothing exciting to do.


This is Katie, standing at the lowest point in the USA. 282 feet below sea level. The road to this spot just opened back up a few days ago.  Rainstorms had done some damage and closed the road for about 3 weeks.


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