Quiet Morning


Went to breakfast this morning. Mushrooms & bell pepper in the scrambled eggs, didn’t really need 2 blueberry muffins but they are sooo good and I always love having some type of fruit…today it’s  cantaloupe. Best thing about breakfast and lunch is that they are FREE.


It was almost 70 degrees at 8am today. It will be slightly warmer when I go into work at 2pm. I have heard a rumor that 1 of my new co-workers has put in a transfer to go work @ the Grand Canyon. Guess she isn’t happy here at all. It seems to take a special kind of person to stay here. If she is looking for a single dorm (with no roommates) and more working hours, then she will probably be disappointed with the Grand Canyon also.



Those 2 photos belong to my roommate, Kim. She went hiking around the desert, after work, yesterday and took them with her phone. As you can see, there are miles of desert all around. If you ever need peace & quiet then it’s not hard to find. If you require excitement from a walmart or casino or an amusement park, then of course you are in the wrong place because it isn’t here.

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