3 Day Weekend


Normally I don’t like my 2 days off together, I would rather have my days off split up. But there are times managers must think they are doing you a favor by giving you a long weekend….course technically it was 1 day at the end of last week & 2 days at the beginning of this week, but I was still stuck trying to figure out what to do for 3 whole days. Most of my weekend was spent drinking beer alone in my dorm room or sleeping. But Friday morning I did walk around and check out the craft sale. I assume there must have been a golf tournament this last weekend.

There is a group here now called Death Valley 49ers. No they have nothing to do with the sports team. This group has been coming to the national park for the last 66 years, doing a variety of activities here. Originally I think was to promote the history of an older group of pioneers from the late 1840’s. That older group are the ones who named Death Valley National Park.


The Marines lead a parade on Friday. There was also yodeling contests, fiddling, pioneer costume contests, even a pampered pet costume contest, an art show, and a few BBQ’s. I did not go watch any of those events. Kim & Katie went out with friends last night to listen to all the musical stuff that was going on.



Some of the painted gourds that were for sale are above. I did buy 2 shirts and a jar of homemade apple butter. After being here for 2 weeks, they were scheduled to leave November 15th. So thankfully  it will be quiet again… And at least the cold wind waited till their last day here.

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