With to much free time lately, I am enjoying some ebooks that I have downloaded on my tablet. Right now I am enjoying a novel series about a high school foster kid who has to live with a preacher’s family, in some little hick Texas town. The first book was free but seeing as I wanted to continue with the story I had to pay $3.99 for the second book in the series.

I get email notices from different websites every week listing free books.

I am sure I have others lost in my many pages of unread emails, but those are my most recent ones. Some I like for old classic books, some are just trashy fun reads, some are for educational textbooks (on a variety of subjects like health, business/finance  stuff, learning the French language), some are for a future DIY project or some “self-help” issue that I want to figure out later on. No matter what you like to read, I am sure there is a website that will let you download books on the subject.
I had an email to get a month’s free trial of kindle unlimited…but I declined it. I figured that I would end up paying the $10 monthly fee after I forget to unsubscribe from it later. I used to subscribe to different free trials for alot of online stuff and then forget when the trials end and get charged later for them, so now I just don’t sign up.

Seeing as it’s still very windy & chilly here, (64 degrees outside now. Never would of imagined Death Valley to get this cold. The Wind is rattling the windows in the dorm), what better way to spend a morning then reading or searching for new books to add to my ebook library. It’s  almost time for me to get ready for work…got 3 nights of working the late shift again before I get another weekend off. Which means I will be reading after Midnight.