On my way to getting healthy


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197.4 pounds….which is 1.4 pounds less then what the scale read a week ago.

When I got dressed for work today, I wore pants that required a belt. Now I had not worn my belt for a week so I was pleasantly surprised when I could use the third hole in the belt today. I had been only able to squeeze into the 2nd hole before. So I was happy about the way my day was starting off.

I have been skipping ice cream at lunch every day for the last week. I have also drank a lot less soda at work. I have tried to free myself of some many carbs but those blueberry muffins at breakfast  are to good to pass up completely.


I have just recently started taking a few supplements again. I stopped taking them 6 months ago and figured my body needed them again. I forgot to buy the fish oil & potassium tablets, when I went to Walmart last week, so I will just have to order them online.

I also haven’t had much trouble with heartburn, this week. I really hate getting heartburn…it was just an annoying inconvenience that likes to happen when I tried to lie down and get comfy on my bed. Heartburn does not feel very comfy.

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