My Christmas


Spending any big holiday away from home…well the home you grew up in, the home where most of your biological family still lives, can be an emotional struggle sometimes even if your family called you Scrooge.

This year I got a new family (mostly thanks to my roomie, Kim). I had a yummy christmas dinner with 11 other people all gathered together in 1 RV. The retail dept (that I work for) got 2nd place for our decorated golf cart in the parade. Unfortunately I did not win anything for my decorated  door.


It’s almost a new year. For a seasonal worker like me that means it’s time to buckle down and get resumes or applications ready to send out for the next seasonal job. Some of my new “family” here are planning on going to Yellowstone National Park. I have also found a few jobs there that I like. Now if Christmas wishes really came true then I would wish for Kim, Katie, Robert, Allison, Kathleen & Dave, to all get jobs in Yellowstone so we could have another season together.

P.S. sorry this is my 1st blog this month…I meant to write earlier about work/paychecks, my trip to Stovepipe Wells when my roomie lent me her truck for the day, the pregnant roadrunner behind my dorm and other stuff…but life got in the way. 🙂

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