My paycheck stub does not fit nicely in 1 photo, so I cropped parts of it above. I received this December 23rd. The pay week had ended on the 16th, which means the last 2 weeks of this year will be paid in 2016. I am sure someone will be expecting the pay raise to be on that next check. But even though we get the check in 2016 it will be for work done in 2015. You see, on January 1, 2016, the minimum wage will go up to $10/hour. So we won’t see the increase until January 20th. Dental insurance will also be taken out of my checks starting in January. My memory is foggy this morning but I think it’s only $7.50 every payday.

I only worked 60 hours for those 2 weeks above. Work had been slow, so I was sent home early a few times. $407 to do whatever I want is really enough for me. Course a paycheck for a full 80 hours is better but $407 still pays everything I need. Now that Christmas is over, I will save money for a future car. Looked at a few online sales for cars in Pahrump & Vegas already. Maybe I can get a car for my birthday in March. Hopefully in time to drive around the park when all the spring flowers are in bloom. After the floods in October, everyone is predicting a super bloom season.