Hello 2016


When I got home early (sometime around 1am) this morning after the New Year’s Eve party, I found this sign hanging up in the hallway of my dorm. Had no idea who put it up but thought it was a cute, fun idea.


Found out later this morning that Kim & Katie did it together last night while I was at work. Then everyone in our dorm wrote something on it. Funny how I didn’t even recognize Katie’s markers hanging on the sign  (musta been more drunk then I thought).

Now I gave up on making resolutions a long time ago. I am not very good at making long term commitments like that. In fact most people that I know will give up or break their resolution by the time February comes. So why set yourself up for such failure. But to join in with everyone else in the dorm I did write “Do something new & unexpected”. With my lifestyle, doing something new & unexpected should not be very hard to do.

Well I am glad that I got today off from work because after last nights party, there was no way that I could of made it into work. In fact I never made it down for breakfast today. My work schedule is different this week.

Thur: night shift
Friday: off
Sat: morning shift
Sun: morning shift
Monday: night shift
Tues: off
Wed: off ( payday)



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