Why is it so cold?


It actually took me 2 months to finish that container of coffee. I bought my coffee cup in the Las Vegas airport while waiting for my ride to pick me up & drive me to Death Valley, as I left my Grand Canyon cup in South Dakota  (will order another one online someday). Well I finally dragged myself from my warm cozy bed this morning to have coffee and yogurt. Will have a full breakfast around 8:25am (which is my break time at work).

With a name like “Furnace Creek Ranch”, you would think it stays hot all the time. Believe me once the sun disappears it gets really chilly. Yesterday it was even chilly inside the store where I work. I think it only got up to 53 degrees yesterday. Right now the weather site says it is 42 degrees outside. The lowest temp for all of last year was 29 degress on 1-2-2015.

We often have guests come into the store asking if we sell hoodies, scarves, or other winter clothing. Luckily I bought a long sleeve shirt from the store a few days ago and will be wearing it under my work shirt today.


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