Buffet Lunch


I went into the Wrangler for their lunch buffet. It’s my first time eating lunch there, as it’s not free for employees like our lunch in the EDR (employee dining room). I had to pay $12.95 to eat here today. But I wanted to see how the food for our paying guests compared to the measly free food that is given to employees.


Well I like this paid lunch better. Now I am really wondering why I can’t even get a decent salad in the EDR. We hardly ever get chopped onions & tomatoes for salad or when we have tacos. I only remember getting guacamole once on a taco in the EDR. Now who ever heard of a taco with no tomatoes, onions or guacamole?

One thing I hear from seasonal workers, when they are considering where to go work is questions/comments about the quality and price of food for employees. Here in Death Valley our breakfast and lunch are free. But our free lunch never looks like the above pictures. Maybe if it did, then they could get more workers to stay.


It started raining before I got back home, so I will spend the rest of my day inside watching a movie. I ate enough for lunch so I don’t mind skipping dinner.


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