This week’s dinners


Thanks to Kim, I was able to take pics with my new phone. I can’t  figure out how to post on this blog from my phone, so I had to send the pics to my email, then download them onto my tablet. An ex-coworker on  facebook actually complained about people posting pictures of food. Hmm, I assume if it bothers her to bad then she will hit the unfollow button soon. But seeing as this is MY page I can post all the food pics that I want. Actually it’s MY page on facebook & Instagram also so I can still post pics of food there.


This one above was listed  as chicken fajitas on our menu, but I just got the fajita meat without wrapping it up. The grilled veggies were wonderful. The Spanish rice was ok..not spicy at all. I would of rather just skipped the rice and doubled the veggies.


As you can see I got more melons with dinner. I love being able to have watermelon or cantaloupe almost every day if  I want. The meatballs in the last pic was a bit sweet because the cook used a little grape jelly in them. I never would have thought of putting jelly in meatballs before.
Tonight I work the night shift again and pork loin or pesto chicken is on the menu. I will have the pork as I don’t like pesto. Tonight will be my Monday & my Friday. Meaning I had last night off and starting tomorrow I have the next 3 days off. After that I will have a week of working morning shifts.

In other news: Katie finally bought herself a small used camper for $3500. She has moved into it with her little dog. Only problem with that is (and maybe I am being self centered) I don’t see her as often. In fact I have not seen her in almost a week. Kim has updated her resume so she can apply for the F&B manager job here in Death Valley…even though she has also been excepted for a server/bartender job in  Crater Lake for the Summer. I am still procrastinating about where to go for the Summer…..but think I will wait to post anymore about that until after I have my mind made up.


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