Spring has sprung in Death Valley


Earlier this week Kim & I went riding around looking for the flowers that everyone was talking about. We found lots of them down past the Badwater_Basin. These yellow flowers are called “DESERT GOLD”. They are growing everywhere.


We also found a couple wild coyotes beside the road. Only 1 would come over to the truck, while the other one stayed across the road watching us. I still want a picture of a coyote and a roadrunner together. But have not had any luck with that yet.


And while walking around taking pics of flowers, some guests that recognized Kim, told us where to find the location of some old ruins.


We only rode down to mile #44, as we had to get back to the “ranch” to get a campfire going at some friend’s RV. Cooked baked potatoes in the campfire…I put Kim’s homemade chili on top of mine.



Who would of ever guessed that sooo many flowers could grow here. The pink flowered are called “DESERT FIVE SPOT”, I have not figured out what the cluster of purple flowers are called.

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