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Rushmore coworker is now working in Death Valley


This is Jeanette. She was my roomie for about 2 months at Mt Rushmore…until I got a room to myself. She has now been at Death Valley for 6 days, and has started working as a host/cashier  in the 49er’s cafe.

I had the day off to go to the dentist but seeing as I forgot my license and debit card, I had to reschedule for March 11th. Which meant I had some free time along with the use of Kim’s  truck for the day. So I decided to take Jeanette and a couple young guys sight-seeing.


That’s Ben & Zack. They are roomie’s and live down the hall from me. They rode in the back of the truck (which I didn’t  know was illegal here). Now usually I consider flowers to be a girlie thing but as I was driving around, it was nice to look in the rear view mirror and see the young guys get excited over all the flowers.
Ben is wearing the cowboy hat and he has tons of stories to tell…he rode his bicycle from Portland, Oregon to Portland,  Maine before coming to work in Death Valley. He wants to ride his bike down through Argentina next. So yesterday he got to ride around in the back of the truck for a few hours seeing some spots that he had not gotten the chance to ride his bike.


Going to Yellowstone for the Summer

Yellowstone was the very first National park that I had ever applied to, back in 1999. I had gone to some job fair or “whatever they called it” in Kingman, Arizona. I think the job that I was offered back then was to work in laundry or housekeeping.  I ended up turning the job down for family reasons.
That was 8 years before I ever went to work for the same company at the Grand Canyon. Even though I have had a bunch of coworkers spend Summers up in Yellowstone,  I have never really desired to check the place out for myself…. until this Winter.

I was searching different areas to go work during the Summer. Some locations pay more and have cheaper rent, but I liked the job of resident coordinator a whole lot better because

1. It comes with single-status housing…meaning that I won’t have any roomies.
2. I won’t have to handle money or deal with the accounting dept
3. I will have a guaranteed 40 hour work week, every week.
4. I will have a set schedule for the whole Summer (and the split shift is fine with me)  
    1pm-5pm and then back to work 10pm-2am.

Later this year will be BIG for the national parks because it’s their 100th anniversary, so i think it will be pretty cool to be working in the very first park. Because of this, employees will get an extra $2/hour from Sept 15th-Oct 15th. Which means $11.75/hr for me.

I had hoped to buy an old car from a friend here in Death Valley, but the car needs to much work and he didn’t trust it to make the drive. But luckily he will also be working in Canyon Village so he will be bringing my refrigerator with him. I bought a plane ticket for $61. I fly out on May 5th to Bozeman, Montana.  This will be my first time in Montana and I will have a week to check out the city before I start work.

The Hitch-hiker

I have a strange work schedule this week. Today I had to work the mid shift from 11am-8pm. While I was waiting for the shuttle to take me to work, I noticed a roadrunner jump up on a car sitting in the parking lot.


I had my new phone in my jacket pocket, so I turned on the phone camera and walked closer to the car to see if I could get some pictures. I think I made the poor bird nervous but I got some cool shots.


Just pure luck to get a shot like that. I started making jokes that the bird had magnets stuck on the bottom of its feet, in order to hang onto the car like that.
After getting about a dozen pics of the bird, I realized the shuttle was late. Then I remembered that the shuttle drivers go on a lunch break at 10:45. Yikes..that meant I would be late for work. I quickly contacted my boss to let them know the situation and she sent a co-worker up to the dorm to pick me up…I ended up clocking in 12 minutes late. I have the mid-shift again next Tuesday, so I will need to remember to catch the 10:15 shuttle so I won’t be late.


A neighbor  (who has lived here about 30 years) took this close up shot of the male roadrunner. How do I know it’s male…that bright orange & blue stripe on the side of its head. That and the fact that the female is still pregnant and to fat to get up to the 2nd story window where this was taken. Well actually from the info that I found online… the female can lay 3-5 eggs at a time and both male & female sit on the nest till the babies hatch. So then why is our female so fat???

About a week ago Kim & I got pictures of coyotes, then today I see the roadrunner. I would love to get both in 1 picture. Kim says I need to spend more time at the golf course where she works as she says I will have a better chance to get that picture.  Well I have Saturday, Monday & Wednesday  off so maybe I will spend 1 of those days on the golf course.