The Hitch-hiker

I have a strange work schedule this week. Today I had to work the mid shift from 11am-8pm. While I was waiting for the shuttle to take me to work, I noticed a roadrunner jump up on a car sitting in the parking lot.


I had my new phone in my jacket pocket, so I turned on the phone camera and walked closer to the car to see if I could get some pictures. I think I made the poor bird nervous but I got some cool shots.


Just pure luck to get a shot like that. I started making jokes that the bird had magnets stuck on the bottom of its feet, in order to hang onto the car like that.
After getting about a dozen pics of the bird, I realized the shuttle was late. Then I remembered that the shuttle drivers go on a lunch break at 10:45. Yikes..that meant I would be late for work. I quickly contacted my boss to let them know the situation and she sent a co-worker up to the dorm to pick me up…I ended up clocking in 12 minutes late. I have the mid-shift again next Tuesday, so I will need to remember to catch the 10:15 shuttle so I won’t be late.


A neighbor  (who has lived here about 30 years) took this close up shot of the male roadrunner. How do I know it’s male…that bright orange & blue stripe on the side of its head. That and the fact that the female is still pregnant and to fat to get up to the 2nd story window where this was taken. Well actually from the info that I found online… the female can lay 3-5 eggs at a time and both male & female sit on the nest till the babies hatch. So then why is our female so fat???

About a week ago Kim & I got pictures of coyotes, then today I see the roadrunner. I would love to get both in 1 picture. Kim says I need to spend more time at the golf course where she works as she says I will have a better chance to get that picture.  Well I have Saturday, Monday & Wednesday  off so maybe I will spend 1 of those days on the golf course.

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