Yellowstone was the very first National park that I had ever applied to, back in 1999. I had gone to some job fair or “whatever they called it” in Kingman, Arizona. I think the job that I was offered back then was to work in laundry or housekeeping.  I ended up turning the job down for family reasons.
That was 8 years before I ever went to work for the same company at the Grand Canyon. Even though I have had a bunch of coworkers spend Summers up in Yellowstone,  I have never really desired to check the place out for myself…. until this Winter.

I was searching different areas to go work during the Summer. Some locations pay more and have cheaper rent, but I liked the job of resident coordinator a whole lot better because

1. It comes with single-status housing…meaning that I won’t have any roomies.
2. I won’t have to handle money or deal with the accounting dept
3. I will have a guaranteed 40 hour work week, every week.
4. I will have a set schedule for the whole Summer (and the split shift is fine with me)  
    1pm-5pm and then back to work 10pm-2am.

Later this year will be BIG for the national parks because it’s their 100th anniversary, so i think it will be pretty cool to be working in the very first park. Because of this, employees will get an extra $2/hour from Sept 15th-Oct 15th. Which means $11.75/hr for me.

I had hoped to buy an old car from a friend here in Death Valley, but the car needs to much work and he didn’t trust it to make the drive. But luckily he will also be working in Canyon Village so he will be bringing my refrigerator with him. I bought a plane ticket for $61. I fly out on May 5th to Bozeman, Montana.  This will be my first time in Montana and I will have a week to check out the city before I start work.