Rushmore coworker is now working in Death Valley


This is Jeanette. She was my roomie for about 2 months at Mt Rushmore…until I got a room to myself. She has now been at Death Valley for 6 days, and has started working as a host/cashier  in the 49er’s cafe.

I had the day off to go to the dentist but seeing as I forgot my license and debit card, I had to reschedule for March 11th. Which meant I had some free time along with the use of Kim’s  truck for the day. So I decided to take Jeanette and a couple young guys sight-seeing.


That’s Ben & Zack. They are roomie’s and live down the hall from me. They rode in the back of the truck (which I didn’t  know was illegal here). Now usually I consider flowers to be a girlie thing but as I was driving around, it was nice to look in the rear view mirror and see the young guys get excited over all the flowers.
Ben is wearing the cowboy hat and he has tons of stories to tell…he rode his bicycle from Portland, Oregon to Portland,  Maine before coming to work in Death Valley. He wants to ride his bike down through Argentina next. So yesterday he got to ride around in the back of the truck for a few hours seeing some spots that he had not gotten the chance to ride his bike.

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