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Third payday in March


Not sure how clear that picture will show up, but that’s my paycheck that I got yesterday.  It’s the biggest paycheck I have gotten since I started working with this company again last year. As you can see I am in California so the minimum wage is $10. But I saw someone else’s paycheck…someone who has been here for many years and they only get $10/hr too. I would have assumed that he woulda gotten extra for all the time that he has been here. Our “lead” people in the store, got $10 before California raised the minimum wage, so their pay stayed the same.

Someone in my dorm got upset that we got charged for rent 3 times in March. $70 on all 3 paychecks in the month. So instead of being $140/month for rent, we got charged $210. There is usually only 2 months a year with 3 paydays with this extra rent payment. Even at $210, the rent is cheaper then most places across the country. It’s cheaper then the rent will be in Yellowstone.

I had to post a new picture of my paycheck so I could  compare it later with my future checks in Yellowstone. My world does not revolve around money, but it’s still nice to have when I need to go shopping. Luckily I don’t really need alot.


Another One Bit the Dust


I had another roomie for about a week…she is wearing the black shirt and part of her face got cut off at the edge of the picture but it’s the only pic I got of Silvia. She is from Las Vegas and started working a crazy schedule as a busser at the fancy Inn. Her mother broke her hip, so she left to take care of mom. This picture was taken at my birthday party, which was also Silvia’s orientation day for work.

Katie is sitting in the middle. She was one of my roomie’s for awhile but she bought a used camper trailer to live in. In fact we are all sitting in Katie’s yard. The guy in the picture is someone who also worked at Mt Rushmore. I am not sure yet where he will go for the Summer…except he did say that he won’t  stay in Death Valley.


This is Kathleen. A 23 year old girl from Virginia. We had her going away party 2 nights ago even while the electricity went out for over an hour. Kathleen used to live downstairs in my dorm but now she is on her way to Hawaii & then Texas. I am sure that someday in the future she will do something “big” with her music and her modeling.

FROM KATHLEEN’S FACEBOOK PAGE:    ” Moving across the country by myself has been one of the scariest and most rewarding things I have ever done. I’m about to embark on a trip so wonderful it doesn’t seem real and if I hadn’t had the courage to move to the desert, none of this would have happened.  For the first time in my young life I know I’m on the right path. That feeling is both freeing and terrifying at the same time. “

I have not put in my notice yet at work, but April 28th will probably be my last work day. Which is 4 weeks from tomorrow. I will miss a bunch of people that I met here. ( except the 3 friends who will spend the Summer in the same Yellowstone location as me), like Silvia & Kathleen, life will go on anywhere we go. There is always new things to see and new people to meet and new lessons to learn.

Good Morning

I am up again earlier then any sane person should be. 3am and I have my coffee and instant oatmeal…I mixed a blueberry &  banana flavored packages together. I also have a banana  that I bought yesterday, after work. I can see the shadows of the palm trees outside blowing in the wind, so I know I will need to dress warmer for work today. This will be day #7, working an 8-day stretch.

Now what does a person do when they wake up 3 hours before they have to leave for work? Well obviously they type out a new blog post, while drinking a couple cups of coffee. I will jump in the shower around 4am, and will linger enough to apply moisturizer because dry skin has been driving me crazy lately. I even remembered to take my vitamins/supplements this morning. Need to make that a priority again because waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps (Charlie horses) for 20-30 minutes is no fun at all.


The above picture was yesterday’s breakfast during my break at work. When I start work at 6:30, I get a break around 7:45am for breakfast. I love the fact that we can have fruit offered everyday. Sometimes there is cantaloupe but not yesterday. I am just hoping that Yellowstone also offers so much fruit everyday for its  employees.

So yes, I will get 2 breakfasts, the one I ate at 3am & another one about 4.5 hours later. I have been trying to be good and skip the blueberry muffins and french toast.

That Green Holiday


Having a birthday the day before St. Patrick’s  Day was interesting while growing up. It was fun to see what “green” gift mom would come up with every year. Green jewelry,  green clothes, or using green food coloring to make green frosting on my cake. So now that mom is gone I still like having green for my birthday & St Patrick’s Day…yes, it’s a 2-day holiday. The signs on my door was from Kim & her daughter, for my birthday.

During one of my trips into Pahrump,  I stopped into Walgreens and found those green striped socks. I bought them just for this holiday to wear to work. The guests loved them but the director for the retail dept did not. She told me I had to change socks, and seeing as I did not bring an extra pair of socks with me to work She gave me a free pair of black ankle socks from our store.


We had a potluck lunch at work…only took this 1 shot of the food table. So you can’t see the spare ribs, baked beans or homemade mac & cheese.


I was sitting outside with a couple friends and one of the guys that lives downstairs came home and gave me that green centerpiece…I will assume it was something that was supposed to be used in the restaurant where he works.

Random shots of the Desert



I stopped near Zabriskie Point to get these. There is actually a parking lot with a paved walk-around to get up and view over this point, and would you believe I have not gone up to see it yet. It’s probably about 4 miles away from my dorm, but I am usually in a hurry to get somewhere when I leave & to tired when I get back.

Yesterday I had to drive to the Vegas airport to pick up Kim’s youngest daughter. Now how ironic is it that this daughter has a couple nicknames and 1 of them being “Sunshine”. So this week we will have a Sunny and a Sunshine .

Now getting to the airport was a piece of cake, but leaving not so much. Even though I had lived in Vegas for 6 months before, I still got lost in construction & detours. I did not mind because I ended up in an area that I have never been to but wanted to see.
I ended up driving through “Red Canyon”.  I remembered it was an ex-managers favorite spot around Vegas. An old co-worker and I used to think it was weird because well most people go to Vegas for gambling, celebrity shows, or restaurants. But my manager was sooo gung-ho about the outdoorsy nature life that she liked Red Canyon best.
I did not stop the truck to go exploring or take any photos myself. Sunshine #2 got some blurry pictures of the mountains while I was driving. We both loved all the colored rocks.
Funny because Sunshine #2, is from flat Florida which is the same state that my ex-managers lives now.

Seeing as I don’t have a picture of Red Canyon, below is a shot of a snow-capped mountain as we got closer to Pahrump.  Course it might be slightly blurry because I was still driving.
Pahrump is an hour East of home & an hour West of Vegas (assuming long as you don’t get lost). Surprisingly gas was cheaper in Pahrump then it was in Vegas.


Seeing as Friday I had driven to the dentist and yesterday drove to Vegas, I was tired all day at work. It is now 9pm… past my bedtime. Ate a banana and crackers with peanut butter for late dinner/snack. So goodnight everyone.

Furnace Creek: Art Show 2016


My friend, Jeanette and I went down to the employee dining room for lunch, but had to check out the art show first. The above picture is Jeanette looking at some glass jewelry. Below is some other cool stuff that I liked.



The lady who made the brown & blue basket was going to give me a 10% discount just because I was from NH, and knew that the pic in the middle of her basket was the old man of the mountain.


There were more photographers here, but this was the only 1 that I noticed with a sign in their booth telling people not to take pictures of their stuff. Yes I took a few. I don’t plan on making copies of their photos to sell. I just like taking random shots of my day. And I say photography is a form of communication…which fits into “Freedom of speech”, so don’t tell me that I can’t do it or I will show you that I can.

I should of gotten a wide view shot of all the cars, motorcycles & people everywhere.  I think today was the most crowded that I have seen this place so far. OMG, what a zoo.
Jeanette & I did not stick around long enough to hear the live music play outside the store. We came back to the dorm, so Jeanette could get ready to work the night shift. I don’t  go back to work until Monday morning so I am spending the rest of my day doing laundry and organizing my dresser.

Cash or Credit

I work in a general store in a national park.  Of course we take credit/debit cards and we have an atm, for people that want to get cash out. 1 of my questions is, why do people “need” to use cash now-a-days? Is there anything that really requires cash anymore?

Then of course there are those people who drive me bonkers, when they don’t understand  that they need to carry their license or passport with them while shopping,  if the credit card is not signed. It’s  written on the back of your card that it is not authorized without a signature. Which is why most post offices refuse to accept any unsigned card (even if you remember to carry your identification) some people will write CID on the back of their card and still forget to carry their identification. They will get mad if I say that they need to walk back to the campground to get it or I will point to the atm and tell them that they can get cash out to pay for their stuff.

I just love it when spouses try to use each others card. A wife will say “Oh it’s my husband’s card but I sign for it all the time.” We’ll maybe so, but you ain’t doing it at my register. Or a husband will tell me that both names are on the account. Well sir if both names are not on the card that you handed me, then you ain’t using it at my register.

It drives me crazy when other stores/restaurants don’t ask for my ID when I hand them my unsigned debit card. Lately I have  noticed it in fast food places like Subway or Panda Express. Yes I realize that asking for ID would slow down the line while business is busy, but I don’t care. I want you to check my identification. I want to know that if my debit card gets stolen/lost that someone else won’t be able to use it without my ID.

Then yesterday, I paid a big bill at the dentist with my debit card, after shopping at Walmart. Later I tried to shop at the grocery store and was told that I had reached my daily limit with the card. Say whaaaat!? I had never heard this before…course I had never used the card to spend $500 in a single day before either. Damn, as I am sitting in the parking lot trying to figure out how to get enough gas in Kim’s truck to make it back home, I called the 800# on the back of the card to ask about the daily limit. The lady who answered finally agreed to raise the limit just enough so that I could get $20 in gas. Now there was a problem that don’t happen if you carry cash, but it’s a problem that I don’t like. Sure now I know that if anyone else tries to use my card that they won’t get over $500 worth of purchases. But I don’t like having that limit on myself. If I want to spend all my own $$ in 1 day then I should be able to.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now and stop ranting…because it’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I wanna go check out the art show.