Finding Ubehebe Crater


I took that shot yesterday from inside a moving car. Becca & I were driving around stovepipe & Ubehebe Crater…think this picture was near Devil’s Cornfield. I wasn’t all that impressed with that area and can’t figure out why some people are. We should have turned onto a different road before we even got to this spot. Becca had to turn back and stop in Stovepipe to ask directions.


This is Becca & her dog, Shay. We finally found the crater..which is behind Becca. Kim had been here before and hiked down into it. After seeing it, I think Kim must be a little crazy.
It got really windy when we stopped here, making it hard to walk around.


This crater was made from some volcano explosion years ago and I think that “Ubehebe” is an Indian word for basket. It’s a half mile across and about 600 feet deep. Well now I am satisfied that I can cross off another item on my list of places I wanted to see in Death Valley.


You would think I would know by now to move my fingers out of the way when trying to take pictures. Well I have other pics on my camera that I have not downloaded yet. It’s easier to post directly from my tablet so only pics that I take with that usually get on here.


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