Furnace Creek: Art Show 2016


My friend, Jeanette and I went down to the employee dining room for lunch, but had to check out the art show first. The above picture is Jeanette looking at some glass jewelry. Below is some other cool stuff that I liked.



The lady who made the brown & blue basket was going to give me a 10% discount just because I was from NH, and knew that the pic in the middle of her basket was the old man of the mountain.


There were more photographers here, but this was the only 1 that I noticed with a sign in their booth telling people not to take pictures of their stuff. Yes I took a few. I don’t plan on making copies of their photos to sell. I just like taking random shots of my day. And I say photography is a form of communication…which fits into “Freedom of speech”, so don’t tell me that I can’t do it or I will show you that I can.

I should of gotten a wide view shot of all the cars, motorcycles & people everywhere.  I think today was the most crowded that I have seen this place so far. OMG, what a zoo.
Jeanette & I did not stick around long enough to hear the live music play outside the store. We came back to the dorm, so Jeanette could get ready to work the night shift. I don’t  go back to work until Monday morning so I am spending the rest of my day doing laundry and organizing my dresser.


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