Random shots of the Desert



I stopped near Zabriskie Point to get these. There is actually a parking lot with a paved walk-around to get up and view over this point, and would you believe I have not gone up to see it yet. It’s probably about 4 miles away from my dorm, but I am usually in a hurry to get somewhere when I leave & to tired when I get back.

Yesterday I had to drive to the Vegas airport to pick up Kim’s youngest daughter. Now how ironic is it that this daughter has a couple nicknames and 1 of them being “Sunshine”. So this week we will have a Sunny and a Sunshine .

Now getting to the airport was a piece of cake, but leaving not so much. Even though I had lived in Vegas for 6 months before, I still got lost in construction & detours. I did not mind because I ended up in an area that I have never been to but wanted to see.
I ended up driving through “Red Canyon”.  I remembered it was an ex-managers favorite spot around Vegas. An old co-worker and I used to think it was weird because well most people go to Vegas for gambling, celebrity shows, or restaurants. But my manager was sooo gung-ho about the outdoorsy nature life that she liked Red Canyon best.
I did not stop the truck to go exploring or take any photos myself. Sunshine #2 got some blurry pictures of the mountains while I was driving. We both loved all the colored rocks.
Funny because Sunshine #2, is from flat Florida which is the same state that my ex-managers lives now.

Seeing as I don’t have a picture of Red Canyon, below is a shot of a snow-capped mountain as we got closer to Pahrump.  Course it might be slightly blurry because I was still driving.
Pahrump is an hour East of home & an hour West of Vegas (assuming long as you don’t get lost). Surprisingly gas was cheaper in Pahrump then it was in Vegas.


Seeing as Friday I had driven to the dentist and yesterday drove to Vegas, I was tired all day at work. It is now 9pm… past my bedtime. Ate a banana and crackers with peanut butter for late dinner/snack. So goodnight everyone.


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