That Green Holiday


Having a birthday the day before St. Patrick’s  Day was interesting while growing up. It was fun to see what “green” gift mom would come up with every year. Green jewelry,  green clothes, or using green food coloring to make green frosting on my cake. So now that mom is gone I still like having green for my birthday & St Patrick’s Day…yes, it’s a 2-day holiday. The signs on my door was from Kim & her daughter, for my birthday.

During one of my trips into Pahrump,  I stopped into Walgreens and found those green striped socks. I bought them just for this holiday to wear to work. The guests loved them but the director for the retail dept did not. She told me I had to change socks, and seeing as I did not bring an extra pair of socks with me to work She gave me a free pair of black ankle socks from our store.


We had a potluck lunch at work…only took this 1 shot of the food table. So you can’t see the spare ribs, baked beans or homemade mac & cheese.


I was sitting outside with a couple friends and one of the guys that lives downstairs came home and gave me that green centerpiece…I will assume it was something that was supposed to be used in the restaurant where he works.

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