I had another roomie for about a week…she is wearing the black shirt and part of her face got cut off at the edge of the picture but it’s the only pic I got of Silvia. She is from Las Vegas and started working a crazy schedule as a busser at the fancy Inn. Her mother broke her hip, so she left to take care of mom. This picture was taken at my birthday party, which was also Silvia’s orientation day for work.

Katie is sitting in the middle. She was one of my roomie’s for awhile but she bought a used camper trailer to live in. In fact we are all sitting in Katie’s yard. The guy in the picture is someone who also worked at Mt Rushmore. I am not sure yet where he will go for the Summer…except he did say that he won’t  stay in Death Valley.


This is Kathleen. A 23 year old girl from Virginia. We had her going away party 2 nights ago even while the electricity went out for over an hour. Kathleen used to live downstairs in my dorm but now she is on her way to Hawaii & then Texas. I am sure that someday in the future she will do something “big” with her music and her modeling.

FROM KATHLEEN’S FACEBOOK PAGE:    ” Moving across the country by myself has been one of the scariest and most rewarding things I have ever done. I’m about to embark on a trip so wonderful it doesn’t seem real and if I hadn’t had the courage to move to the desert, none of this would have happened.  For the first time in my young life I know I’m on the right path. That feeling is both freeing and terrifying at the same time. “

I have not put in my notice yet at work, but April 28th will probably be my last work day. Which is 4 weeks from tomorrow. I will miss a bunch of people that I met here. ( except the 3 friends who will spend the Summer in the same Yellowstone location as me), like Silvia & Kathleen, life will go on anywhere we go. There is always new things to see and new people to meet and new lessons to learn.