Not sure how clear that picture will show up, but that’s my paycheck that I got yesterday.  It’s the biggest paycheck I have gotten since I started working with this company again last year. As you can see I am in California so the minimum wage is $10. But I saw someone else’s paycheck…someone who has been here for many years and they only get $10/hr too. I would have assumed that he woulda gotten extra for all the time that he has been here. Our “lead” people in the store, got $10 before California raised the minimum wage, so their pay stayed the same.

Someone in my dorm got upset that we got charged for rent 3 times in March. $70 on all 3 paychecks in the month. So instead of being $140/month for rent, we got charged $210. There is usually only 2 months a year with 3 paydays with this extra rent payment. Even at $210, the rent is cheaper then most places across the country. It’s cheaper then the rent will be in Yellowstone.

I had to post a new picture of my paycheck so I could  compare it later with my future checks in Yellowstone. My world does not revolve around money, but it’s still nice to have when I need to go shopping. Luckily I don’t really need alot.