I love that sculpture in Rhyolite, NV; but I don’t like my picture above. The way I am sitting makes my butt and/or my stomach look HUGE. Of course both are bigger then I would like them to be.


These were taken about a week ago. I have gained about 45 pounds in the 6.5 months that I have been working in Death Valley.

Soon after I got to work yesterday, I started feeling strange. I recognized it as the feeling I get when my blood sugar drops to low.  I don’t  bring my glucose monitor with me to work and this feeling started about 50 minutes before my breakfast break so I wouldn’t  be able to check my blood sugar even if I had brought it anyways. I finally made it to breakfast and loaded up on the potatoes, eggs and 2 muffins. I needed something to raise my blood sugar quick and potatoes usually works. I had lunch 2.5 hours later and all I could eat was a salad & watermelon.  This crazy schedule of having breakfast soon after clocking into work and then lunch 2.5-3 hours later is ridiculous.

I got out of work early yesterday,  around 2:30. Finally checked my blood sugar around 5pm. I was at 240…highest I have probably ever been…and soooo darn tired. Late last night Kim got a pizza and I ate 2 slices. This morning when I woke up my blood sugar had dropped down to 97. This afternoon I checked it again and it was up to 196.

I called (emailed) outta work today and have spent hours researching diabetes online. For now, i am tired again so will be going to take a nap before Kim comes back from her day at  work.