I have been in Death Valley for over 6 months, and that was the first time I have ever had my own picture taken with the sign. A family from San Diego was stopped there and after I took their family photos, the mom took mine. This was 3 days ago after my big day at the dentist.

Luckily I had some sick days to use up, so even though I have 5 days off I will be paid for 3 days. I needed to use them before I transferred up to Yellowstone.

So for my time off I have started going through my stuff and leaving some things down on the give-away table in the laundry room. Still have more stuff to bring down there. I am only bringing 1 carry-on suitcase and my big purse. My laptop, portable DVD player and zoom lens for my camera, all fits inside my purse. Have I mentioned before about the fact that I hate packing? I have also gotten a chance to watch Netflix…sometimes Netflix will work & sometimes it won’t. I  may just cancel my Netflix subscription before I reach my final destination in Yellowstone because the wifi service is questionable there. I don’t even watch it every week here so why pay for something I don’t  (or can’t ) use.

Mother Nature has been blowing wind around like crazy. I had wanted to hike up to the Tea House on my time off, but not in the cold wind. It’s crazy how I can complain about how I can’t do anything outside because it’s either to hot, to cold, to windy, to late in the day…well how about facing the fact that I am to lazy & unmotivated.

It’s been over 72 hours since I got my teeth pulled, and I am not healed enough to chew anything. My friend, Rebecca made Kim & I a steak dinner a couple nights ago, and I had to put mine in the blender. I guess I can eat anything if it fits into a blender. Actually I don’t eat steak very often but it tasted good. This afternoon I made a shake with coconut milk,  chocolate protein powder & a banana.  I found out that I can’t chew bananas but they work well in a shake. I have already lost 2 pounds since getting my teeth pulled.