Last Day of Work

I finished up an 8-day stretch of working yesterday,  when I clocked out I was officially done with my job here in Death Valley. I even took my cashier bank to the accounting dept when I was done. So even though I will still be in the park for a week, I won’t be working.




A few shots of my coworkers in the general store. People from the Philippines and different parks in the USA. People with different personalities & lifestyles that I probably would never have gotten to know and enjoy, if it wasn’t for the fact that we all live and work together in such a remote national park.

I will miss some of the people here, but I will not miss working in this general store.  For my Summer job in Yellowstone, I am grateful that I won’t have to deal with money or the accounting dept or customers. If I ever decide to come back to Death Valley again, I would want to try another location like Stovepipe Wells  or Panamint Springs. Those locations are even smaller then Furnace Creek. Course I would only want to work in Death Valley from Halloween to Easter. I still haven’t figured out how people can live here all Summer.

Some employees have said they stay because it’s easy to save money here because the rent is so cheap. But life has to be about something other then money & cheap rent.  I need a job that I don’t dread going to almost every day, waiting to clock out of. I remember telling coworkers years ago that unless any job made you want to arrive early, made you happy to spend 8 hours in…then you were in the wrong job no matter how much it paid.

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