Last Week in Death Valley

Since living & working in this national park,  I have seen things here that I never would have imagined seeing in this desert.


A shot of the sand dunes with clouds moving over-head.


Fields of desert gold flowers during our super bloom. That’s something that only happens about every  10 years or so. Glad I picked the right season to work here so I could see it. Yes that is snow on the mountains.


Still can’t figure out why this area fascinates me so much. It’s the Devil’s Golf Course.  It’s  chunks of of hard pointy sharp salt that covers the ground and is about 20 feet deep.


I love watching the clouds, love sunrises & sunsets too.


Sunsets never seem to last long enough sometimes.


Robert took me through Ash Meadows yesterday.  Found this spot near an old rock cabin that was built in 1895. What makes this pool so fascinating is the hole in the middle. It bubbles up like some type of volcano action. Have no idea why/how.


Also went to Crystal Lake in Ash Meadows.  The most clear water I have ever seen in any lake anywhere. I could have spent hours there just watching the birds fly around.


This was taken somewhere in the Artist Pallet area in December 2015. After Robert drove through a very twisty roller-coaster road we stopped to get pics of the colored rocks, and watch others climb them.


Think I got this pic from my coworker, Jen. She got lots of different flowers during our super bloom. Now how do tourists drive down the road and miss so many flowers? I assume they drove with eyes closed because they would come into the store and ask us where the flowers were. Jen will be going to Acadia Park in Maine for the Summer season.

Now before coming to Death Valley,  I didn’t really know much about it except for the fact that it’s hot. I had heard of a place called Scotty’s Castle and had hoped to see it. We had a couple major floods in October 2015, that closed down the area, totally washing out & destroying the road. I was disappointed at first. But later realized that a fancy home named after a con artist who didn’t build it or ever legally own it, but who lived off other people’s money should not even be such a big deal anyways. Society puts to much value in fake people.  Today we have the Kardashian family, years ago we had Death Valley Scotty. I guess as a society we will never learn.

  There are plenty of other spots in this park that will hold more value in my memories from my time here. I am more thankful for the treasures from Mother Nature.

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