After a long day of getting to Vegas, I finally got to fly up to Montana, on May 5th. Soon after my plane left the ground, we could all smell something “hot”. The poor couple sitting across from me with 2 small fussy kids, must of thought the plane was going to crash & burn, they way they kept patting their kids head and looking at each other. Turns out there was an electrical problem and the bathroom filled with smoke. Now there is an adventure that I don’t want to repeat. After landing in Bozeman,  I was told that this same airlines (Allegiant ) has had other recent problems with electrical stuff.


No wifi in the Bozeman airport. Damn, they need to get with modern times. Took me a few hours to contact the hostel to let them know where I was. I finally got coffee & a cinnamon roll while I was waiting to get picked up. Even though I saw snow on the mountain tops as the plane got closer to Bozeman, it was not really cold outside.

Early Friday morning, I was searching online for cheap used cars that were for sale. I found a few but only got 1 reply back. So I now have a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria.  It needs a major paint job and I want to replace the windshield because it has a long crack across it. But it’s a 4-door and runs good, so it will make exploring Yellowstone  so much easier. I will need to travel to Cody, WY, to finish up registration & get my new title.

Last night I went shopping at Walmart. Figured now with a car that I could get more stuff that I need in Yellowstone.  I got pillow, blankets, work pants, green Montana  hoodie, bathroom supplies, and a new blender.  I was so tired that I didn’t do any grocery shopping. As soon as I left the parking lot I was lost. Ended up in the next town. I had to stop and get directions from workers in 3 different gas stations. It took me about 2 hours to find the hostel again, while Walmart is about 20 minutes away. WoW, where did my sense of direction go???