I found a way to upload a few pics of this spot that’s about 10 miles away from my dorm. So even though I am lucky enough to visit it often this Summer, I really think every elementary science class should come visit this area for a field trip.

This spot above is now called “Dragon’s Mouth”. It had other names before like  Blowing Caverns & The Belcher. Some European traveler called it dragon’s mouth and that name stuck.  Around 1999 the water temperature dropped 10 degrees and changed the color of the water.

Below showing the boardwalk leading up to the mud volcano (mud geysers). In the 1870’s a geyser would explode muddy water 50 feet into the air. The geyser has died down in the 20th century.

There is more to this area that I need to explore, so I will go back to explore the end of the boardwalk as it goes around that hill, to something  on the  map called “Churning Caldron” & “Sizzling Basin”. Both of those changed in the late 70’s from an earthquake.  I like learning about all this new stuff. Volcanoes/geysers are my new fascination, so everytime I see steam off in the distance anywhere I am like a kid in a candy store. Course a candy store smells better.