I have lost track of how many times I have come up with ideas for a new book. I have scribbled pages into a paper school-type notebook or typed notes into a file on different laptops. But somewhere along my travels I end up losing them all.

Mainly at this moment, I still want to write about working in different national parks. I guess you could say that I grew up in a family who valued the military, or anyone who stayed put in 1 spot working the same job for 20 years. Well I never joined the military and I sure didn’t spend my life in 1 spot. Not everyone is suited for college and settling for the American dream of a white picket fence.

Those wooden fences don’t pack up nicely into my backpack, so I learn to live without them. Now I assume most people read something every week, whether it’s the sports page of a newspaper, comic books, online blogs, or trashy novels from used bookstores. Someone had to write something worth reading. Well I want to write about a lifestyle worth living, and living in different national parks is definitely worth doing.

I want to show the many kids in high school, that have no idea what they wanna do when they grow up that there is an alternative to the usual traditional way of living. Something totally new that they never dreamed possible. I can still remember when my son came to visit me at the Grand Canyon for the first time, and he asked me why he had never known that you could live there before. (Sorry but I won’t type out the whole conversation).

Basically think of any popular vacation spot. Probably it’s a spot where tourist are tired from traveling to get to the location so they want a hotel, they will be hungry so they need to eat somewhere and of course people love to buy souvenirs, which means there needs to be gift shops. Even those people who insist that everyone should live with the white-picket fence, likes to go on a vacation once a year.

Even now while driving around Yellowstone National Park, I have a notebook and a trashy novel in my car. I never know when or where I will be when the weather turns bad and I need to pull over and wait for it to clear up. I can either read what someone else has written or if a new idea comes to my mind that I don’t want to forget then I can instantly write it down. Course it would help if I kept all my scribbled notes together.

So I am back to writing that book for seasonal workers. Someday I really hope to finish it, get it published, and actually find it sitting on display in a big fancy bookstore. Better yet, I hope it helps someone figure out that it’s alright to be different, to live so far outta the box that there is no box around.

My ex-husband used to say I lived in “The Land of Later”, because I would say I would do some craft project, cook some special meal, run some errand and I would do them later…maybe tomorrow or maybe next year, but always later.

Well, I now have to get ready for work so I will catch you all later.