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My Weekend

The weekend started when I got out of work on Sunday morning at 2am. I finally went to sleep after 4am. I woke up around 10:30 with no wifi again. The internet goes out often here.

I started to clean up my room, but then got tired again so I took a nap and missed lunch &dinner. I walked over to the pizza pub about 9pm, to buy pizza but found out that it was closed. So without wifi or pizza I just went back to bed. I really hate feeling so tired all the time.

Was in bed so much yesterday that I woke up with a stiff, sore back. Today I really need to finish cleaning my room. Why am I so worried about cleaning up, you may wonder? Well its because I need to start packing. Yeah there is something that I haven’t mentioned on facebook…I am leaving Yellowstone on July 13th.

I love seeing the bison & geysers here, but my job is harder then I expected and I assume my body can’t get used to the crazy split shift. At least I can say I lived here 2 months. Leaving should be easier now that I have a car. I will have 3 weeks to relocate SOMEWHERE in Arizona. I don’t have a definite spot picked out yet, but seeing as my drivers license is from AZ, that seemed like a good state to go.

It’s 75 degrees out today. I assume that it’s hotter in Northern AZ.


Busy Week

Since I went to the pow-wow in Cody last Saturday  (June 18th), I am on a 7-day stretch at work. Today is day #6. Just glad I get the 4th of July off. Few employees have told me to go check out Jackson & Grand Tetons for the holiday.

It’s time I should be going to lunch, but I am still sitting in my dorm wearing pj’s. Got 55 minutes to start work, so I will probably miss lunch again. I have a crazy schedule where I work 1-5 pm cleaning 1 dorm and then I work again from 10pm-2am  basically babysitting the employees in the dorm. Yesterday I was supposed to walk up to the cabins and clean 2 rooms…carrying back all the linens to my dorm to wash. Ok, someone forgot to tell  my boss that I ain’t no spring chicken.

Seeing as I need to get ready for work, I will finish my coffee and blueberries now. I will  make sure to sign up for the RC (resident coordinator ) late night snack bags, seeing as I won’t be getting lunch. Usually I get the bagel, 2 hard-boiled eggs & juice in my snack bag that I eat after midnight. Yesterday I skipped lunch & dinners and never signed up for my snack bag..which is probably why I am eating blueberries now.



Bison Season


This big guy stepped in front of me when I was about 6 miles from home. The fog was just moving across the road. Up ahead there was a herd of bison walking up the road, which I didn’t know about at first.


While the big guy had me stopped in traffic, I was able to watch more bison run around on the hill. There is a lighter (reddish) colored’s a young baby. The babies weigh on average of 40-50 pounds at birth. Did you know that bison has 30% more protein than beef and 70% less fat.


I was on my way home from Cody, WY. Cody has a few artsy painted bison around the city. I took this picture outside the library, where I would charge my phone up. It was my first time of being in Cody and I thought it looked like a really nice place and the scenery driving there was phenomenal.


One of my coworkers took this picture somewhere on her trip down to the Tetons.. I loved it so much I had to save it. I have not gotten down to the Grand Tetons yet but I hope to soon.

Split shifts & Sleep

I am working 1pm-5pm and then again at 10pm-2am. So I have a guaranteed 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week schedule now. But it’s a crazy schedule to get used to. I definitely would not want this schedule in the “real world”.

I will usually go to bed around 3am, and wake up between 8-9am. I will have coffee and maybe putter around my dorm room until I go to lunch about noon. When I finish the first half of my work shift at 5pm, I will go have dinner. I must say that the lunch & dinners are better here then they were at Death Valley.

After dinner I am ready for a nap. I am now setting 5 alarms to make sure I get back up to work at 10pm. My sleep schedule got messed up once last week and I ended up being 45 minutes late for my 10-2 shift. I got written up for that and don’t  want that to happen again.

Now this weekend,  I spent time with friends so my sleep schedule is outta whack again. Which is why I am typing this post before 4am. I really should try to go back to sleep. It seems like for 5 days a week all I do is work & sleep now. EDIT: I got up to make coffee about 9:15am, so hopefully I am back to my normal schedule. But I think from now on I will only be able to go sight-seeing on 1 of my weekend days instead of both days off.


Took that picture on Sunday, when I went riding around with friends. It was a nice day and I enjoyed hanging out with them, but it wore me out.