This big guy stepped in front of me when I was about 6 miles from home. The fog was just moving across the road. Up ahead there was a herd of bison walking up the road, which I didn’t know about at first.


While the big guy had me stopped in traffic, I was able to watch more bison run around on the hill. There is a lighter (reddish) colored one..it’s a young baby. The babies weigh on average of 40-50 pounds at birth. Did you know that bison has 30% more protein than beef and 70% less fat.


I was on my way home from Cody, WY. Cody has a few artsy painted bison around the city. I took this picture outside the library, where I would charge my phone up. It was my first time of being in Cody and I thought it looked like a really nice place and the scenery driving there was phenomenal.


One of my coworkers took this picture somewhere on her trip down to the Tetons.. I loved it so much I had to save it. I have not gotten down to the Grand Tetons yet but I hope to soon.