Since I went to the pow-wow in Cody last Saturday  (June 18th), I am on a 7-day stretch at work. Today is day #6. Just glad I get the 4th of July off. Few employees have told me to go check out Jackson & Grand Tetons for the holiday.

It’s time I should be going to lunch, but I am still sitting in my dorm wearing pj’s. Got 55 minutes to start work, so I will probably miss lunch again. I have a crazy schedule where I work 1-5 pm cleaning 1 dorm and then I work again from 10pm-2am  basically babysitting the employees in the dorm. Yesterday I was supposed to walk up to the cabins and clean 2 rooms…carrying back all the linens to my dorm to wash. Ok, someone forgot to tell  my boss that I ain’t no spring chicken.

Seeing as I need to get ready for work, I will finish my coffee and blueberries now. I will  make sure to sign up for the RC (resident coordinator ) late night snack bags, seeing as I won’t be getting lunch. Usually I get the bagel, 2 hard-boiled eggs & juice in my snack bag that I eat after midnight. Yesterday I skipped lunch & dinners and never signed up for my snack bag..which is probably why I am eating blueberries now.