On July 3rd, I finally took the time to drive into the Grand Tetons National Park. The mountains were beautiful!!


I had driven to Moose, WY; because someone had told me to check out the “Church of Transfiguration”.


I was getting tired from driving and decided that the parking lot looked like a good spot to rest. Finally I went to check out the tiny church. I came upon a big group of people standing outside the door hugging & crying. I stood watching as more people kept coming out of the church with tears running down their faces, and wondered what was going on. After awhile I went inside and met a couple who was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They brought their whole family back to the church they were married in.

I went back to the car and decided to clean it out. I figured that I might just go car-camping for the night there in the parking lot, so I would have plenty of time to finish the job. I was in the middle of nowhere without wifi service, so I was very surprised when outta nowhere my phone dings telling me that I got a facebook notification. I don’t know how facebook got through without wifi, but I got a comment from a friend who knew I was in the Grand Tetons,  and she wanted pics of a lodge that she had worked at years ago.

Well I instantly threw the bag of trash I had collected into the back seat and changed my plans. I had to backtrack and go back 20 miles to reach her lodge that I had just driven past earlier that day. It’s a lodge I had heard of because I have seen job openings for the place before, so I was glad that she gave me an excuse to take the time to go there.

It was 4th of July weekend and as I was walking towards the front door I got quite a few positive comments on my red,white, and blue clothes. The employees were very friendly when I walked into the lobby. I found the staircase that my friend told me to go up. Before I even reached the top of the stairs, I could see a huge window a crossed the room, with such a beautiful view of the mountain range. It instantly reminded me of the time I sat in the airport in Anchorage, AK when as I sat across from a window watching the sun rise and my first real glimpse of the mountains there that just became my whole view. Well I got that same over-whelming AWE as I climbed the stairs in Jackson Lake Lodge, in the Grand Tetons. I guess mountains just have a way of making me speechless.


I tried taking pictures from the staircase looking across the room and out the window, but they all came out dark. I had to go outside on the patio and have the sun behind me to get any decent shots. Luckily the wifi worked inside the lodge, so I could post pics on facebook for my friend, because as soon as I left the lodge my wifi was gone again for a couple days. I was glad it worked long enough to receive the notification telling me to check out this lodge, otherwise I would have missed it.

I also liked that there were more flowers in the Tetons area, than there are in Yellowstone  but I didn’t get pictures of the flowers.