American’s love to say they live in a “free” country. But what exactly does that mean? Are we really free to live anywhere we want without ridiculous taxes and expensive rent. Can you live in any state without getting a new driver’s license or voters registration card?

Are we free to go on a week long vacation (or longer) every month or whenever we want? Probably not if you have a job. A job means someone else probably makes your weekly schedule telling you what to wear, what time to show up for the job, and sometimes even what time to eat and go to the bathroom. By the time you get ready for and travel back & forth to that job, you might be to tired to do anything else; during your free time.

I may not have all the answers to what freedom is, or how to live freely. But I know a few things on what it isn’t. Freedom is not paying over $400 a month for a small dorm room that you are forced to share with a total stranger. A room that does not even have any kitchen area. The community bathroom is shared with 50 other people, with no privacy for showers. Hey, I never liked the bathroom in my high school gym class either.

To make a long story short; I left Yellowstone National Park on Thursday (July 14, 2016). So for now I can sleep when I want, eat when and what I want, and I don’t have to climb stairs a hundred times a day. I drove around the park doing a bit of sight-seeing until I got tired of all the tourist traffic. Then I headed South toward Arizona, except I never actually made it to Arizona. I got to Cedar City in Utah, yesterday and decided that was enough driving for me. It took me 2 whole days to drive almost 700 miles.. a distance that most people could do in 12 hours.

But seeing as some people on facebook have told me, that I am cool & brave because I own my own life…not some boss, not a significant other, not some religious or political group. I am the one who decides where I will live, even if that means I change my mind while driving down the interstate.

I found a room to rent in a family’s basement for $265/month. Utilities & wifi included. Also company from the family pets.

So my monthly expenses are:
$60: phone
$63: car insurance
265: rent
$388 total for the month,

which a part-time job should be able to take care of. Why just a part time job? Well because I want time to find a yoga class, time to get really serious on writing a book, and time to get back into photography & jewelry making. What’s the sense of working so much, if you don’t have time to enjoy life or any hobbies. It seems like most people work to much, just so they can buy more stuff that they won’t even have time to enjoy.