I went to the Evan’s hairstyling school to get this new look.Not bad for a $3 haircut. According to the sign above their front desk, it’s usually $4 but every Thursday is discount day.

PhotoGrid_1472301123723 It was kinda funny, when I posted those pictures on facebook and a friend asked why I wasn’t smiling to show off my dentures. I told her that I hadn’t worn them all day…in reality I have only worn them maybe 24 hours with the last month. I have just not gotten used to them. They are not very comfortable to wear more then a couple hours at a time, and they are impossible to eat with.

Well today is Saturday August 27th. Which means I have about 5-6 days left to pack up my car again. You see, even though I don’t have to be at the Grand Canyon for my new job until September 12th, I have to be out of this house on September 1st so I don’t have to pay another whole month of rent. Will probably spend the first night parked at the Love’s truck stop while I wait for payday on the 2nd.

Well it’s now 7am, I am finishing my 2nd cup of coffee and my peach flavored instant oatmeal. I might as well do laundry while I figure out what to do with the rest of the weekend.