I left Cedar City, Utah, on September 1st. I took a roadtrip to Death Valley to visit friends for a week before I head over to my next job in Grand Canyon National Park.

Today is my ex-roomie’s birthday.  Unfortunately Kim is on vacation in Texas visiting her daughter. So today I went for a drive with Rebecca.  That’s her dog in the above picture. I couldn’t post that pic on facebook because it’s taken in a spot where pets are not supposed to be.

After we went to Zabriskie,  Rebecca took her dog home then we went to eat at Stovepipe Wells. I had the salad, Rebecca had a burger with fries and we shared the quesadilla appertizers  2 lunches cost almost $50…OUTRAGEOUS!!! And the chicken in my salad was not exactly to my liking.


I have been staying with Jeanette. She was my roomie for 2 months when we worked at Mt Rushmore and now she is Kim’s roomie in Death Valley. She has been talking to a couple managers to try and get me a job here. I sent HR an email early this morning,  but I really think this place has more drama then I want to deal with.

Sure death valley could be a full time job in a location without snow, but the location I will be in at the Grand Canyon has less drama. With only about 2 dozen people living & working together,  there isn’t as much opportunity for drama.