Tuesday night after I got home from work, I locked my keys inside my car.

I had taken the keys out of the ignition and laid them on the passenger seat while I looked for my travel mug full of coffee. Well I put my hoodie on the seat over the keys and then as the old saying goes… “outta sight, outta mind”.

Luckily the sliding glass door to my bedroom was unlocked so I could get into my apartment.  Yeah, I lock my car but leave a door in my apartment unlocked. Not sure where my logic is sometimes.

To make a long story short….

So the next day, when my neighbor got home from work, I asked him if he knew how to open a locked car door. I ended up with 3 guys trying for about 1.5 hours and none of them could get my car doors open. So I put a rock inside my purse, held onto the handle and swung it at the back door window. The first time it just bounced off the window that rolls down. The guys had told me that because I have an old police car that I might have shatterproof windows. But I was determined to get my work keys out of the car because there was no way that I was walking to work the next morning and tell my boss that I screwed up by looking my keys inside my car.

So I swung the purse again and…


Smashed through the little window on the back door. Now hopefully a new window doesn’t cost more then the $120 cash minimum that the local garage wanted to get in my car. Besides if the 3 guys couldn’t get in after 90 minutes, then I will assume our dysfunctional garage could of done any better.

Obviously police cars are made a little tougher then a normal car that most people buy. Now I can say my car is thief-proof. (Well after I replace my broken window).