Never saw such pain
Come crashing in like a raging storm.
Followed by crocodile tears, like buckets of rain.

Just when you thought the coast was clear,
She would go off on some rant
And give you something new to fear.

I thought it couldn’t be real cuz it was so bizarre.
As I tried to hide under the blankets.
Until the next morning when I saw the open scar.

I didn’t know what to expect, hour to hour.
Just when things got calm,
She would come back in declaring her power.


If you notice the bandage on her arm….it’s to cover a self-inflicted gash, where she tried slicing her own arm with a razor.

Why? I don’t think I will ever truly understand…but then again, I don’t understand her need for cocaine either.

I keep asking myself…how did I get talked into visiting family in Georgia. There is no real reason to be here, but I have been stuck here for 2 weeks now.