It’s a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo, so actually it’s 16 years old. I paid $1,800 for it. Price seems a bit high seeing as it’s got a lot of miles on it. I bought it off one of my aunt’s neighbors. They had done some repairs. (replaced retransmission) on it before I bought it.

Today I got insurance and later this week I will have to give up my AZ license and get a GA license before the state of GA, will let me transfer the title and get it registered.

Then after that is all done, I will really need to get a job. For whatever dumb reason, my aunt was MAD cuz she realized that I had money before and didn’t just hand it over to her. Well now that I bought my wheels; I am almost broke.

Obviously we were both wrong about why I first came here. She thought I was some poor, desperate, helpless creature with nowhere to go. And I thought staying here with my aunt would BE the new job cuz When another relative had said that my aunt needed a caregiver and that the state would pay for it. To make a long story short; Well I have been here for 7 weeks with no job. 7 loooong weeks. Now that I have my own wheels, I will be able to drive myself around to apply for jobs. Not sure why my aunt assumed that I was retired and never going to work again…and by “work” I mean at a job that gives you a paycheck every week or every other week.