When I first arrived in Brunswick, I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have any idea where to spend my time during the day. It was to hot outside to just go sit in a city park, so I found a place that’s open from 7am-5pm. Sort of a hang-out spot for the homeless. A place where the homeless can do laundry, have a shower, receive mail, get free coffee and snacks. Breads & pastries must be the world’s cheapest foods. Every shelter I have ever been to gives out free muffins, danishes, crackers and I got a whole bag of bagels to keep with me in my car. This morning we got free leftover pizza from a local restaurant to go with our coffee.

Quite a few different agencies also come in to see what resources are needed for each person. Quite a few of the homeless here spend their nights at the Salvation Army, but after hearing enough stories about it I decided not to go there. I spend my nights sleeping in my car while parked at either Walmart or Pilot truck stop.

Seeing as today is Sunday,  churches think the homeless always need to be “saved” and will offer a ride to go listen to their sermon.  For some reason church leaders seem to think that sitting inside a church will solve the problems of a homeless person. If you have ever spent any time in/around a homeless community in any city then you know what I mean.

Today is my day off from work, so I came here to do laundry and charge my phone. When this place closes at 5pm tonight,  I will go park at the Pilot Truck Stop which is about 5 minutes away from work.

Payday for my new job is Friday, and I should get pay for at least my first day.  This temp agency pays every Friday. Hopefully my gas lasts until then. After I start getting a full weeks pay then I won’t have to worry about running out of gas anymore. Don’t worry, I am ok and life is fine.

Hmm, as I am typing this, a police officer just walked a new girl into the well. I heard him tell the manager that she got off the greyhound bus yesterday without her medication. Guess I ain’t the newbie here anymore.