I arrived in Brunswick, last Monday (May 1st). I went to an interview at a temp agency called “Express Professionals”, for a $14.00/hour job in some federal place. I needed to come back for a 2nd interview on Friday.

So on Tuesday, I went to another temp agency, “Staff Zone” to work in the convention center on Jekyll Island the next day. OMG that job was sooo physically hard. I worked 6am-4pm=for a total of 10 hours, but only got paid for 8 hours. I was so tired and sore by the end of the day that I did not even notice the missing 2 hours of pay until after I cashed the paycheck at the end of the day. I was just glad to get money for gas. I did send an email to the company later to question mess-up on the paycheck and they still have not responded.

On Thursday, I got notified that the federal company that I was supposed to have the 2nd interview with the next day, would not accept me because of a question on the application about student loans being in default. BUT, they already had another job lined up for me and I could start that job the next day. The first interview I had already done was good enough.

So Friday morning I started working in the office at Blythe Island Park Campground, for $11.70/hour. Which I was told later is more pay then what the regular employees (that have been there a year) get paid.

It’s a whole new type of work then what I am used to, but I really like it. It’s a very relaxed and casual area, with just a small group of employees that treat each other like family.

This is a random shot while I was standing outside the office looking across the parking lot toward the lake. Yes we also rent out boats and sell fishing bait. Some people use live shrimp as bait, which is something new to me. I didn’t know, until I came to work here, that Brunswick was one of the top shrimp capitals of the world.KIMG1996