Sitting outside of the Pilot, so I can charge my phone before I go into work in a few hours.

This truck stop also has a Denny’s restaurant but for now I need to save money to put gas in the car. I did splurge and buy 2 bananas for .99, to go with my coffee. I also have crackers with peanut butter in the car. Coffee in the Pilot is only $1.69 but coffee inside Denny’s is a few bucks. Good thing I don’t mind truck stop coffee in a paper cup.

After I start getting regular paychecks then I can start buying pre-made salads to take into work. Yes pre-made salads cost more money than if you were able to make your own but remember I am living in my car without a refrigerator. Hopefully soon I can stock up on granola bars, oranges, and more bagels.

Have you ever looked around a store in a truck stop? They have everything a driver would need for long trips, even cooking gadgets. A mini coffee maker and small Crock-Pots that plug into the cigarette lighter. But not sure how it effects the battery or gas situation. I have it on my list of things to check out later.

Ok, it’s only 5:30am now and still a bit chilly outside. I am going back inside my car for a bit. Course by time I get to work at 10am, it will be warm and won’t need my coat anymore.